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Put our experience to work for you. Don't let occasional, time-consuming, tricky or misunderstood HR matters sidetrack your business from accomplishing its objectives. Save time and money by outsourcing your above capacity, unexpected or intermittent HR needs. Partner with our HR Consulting Services and let us lighten your load so you can concentrate on the business at hand.  

HR Compliance

Policies & Employee Handbooks, HR Files, HR Department Structure Analysis, Job  Description Analysis & Development

Strategic HR

Strategic Planning, Employee Retention Strategies, Succession & Career Planning​

Recruiting & Staffing

Position Review, Sourcing, Interview & Selection, Exit Interview

Employee Relations

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Assessments and Improvement Strategies,  Employee Exit Analysis and Strategies

Performance Management

Performance Assessment & Review, Employee Rewards and Incentive    Programs


Interview & Selection (incl. Position Review), 

Performance Management, 

Employee Engagement, Management & Coaching,

Investigative Procedures, Employee Exit Processes, HR File Auditing

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