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The Potential College Athlete Information Program is designed to provide prospective college athletes and their parents/guardian with resources above-and-beyond the information readily available at High Schools. We specifically target schools with high (above National Average) percentages of first-generation prospective college students and/or High Schools with a high number of students in underserved communities (communities with above average poverty rates). However, we realize all potential college students deserve access to our services and will work with any school.  The Potential College Information Program strives to provide prospective college athletes and their parents/guardians with the resources they need to successfully prepare for and enter college because - We believe education improves lives and college athletics helps prepare young people to live fuller, more successful lives.

PCAIP is a centralized source of resources and information. Working together with teachers, counselors and coaches, PCAIP provides you with information from multiple sources in one, convenient location. The PCAIP programs were developed by a group that included teachers (both HS and College), coaches, counselors, parents and former college athletes. The resources on the PCAIP website are not unique. However, by acting as a coordinating body, PCAIP is able to make gaining access to this information and these resources simpler.
The PCAIP program is a bit unique in that it is developed from several distinct perspectives. PCAIP addresses academic, athletic, financial and family aspect of the journey. 


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Click here to access the Year-by-Year Information Sites

The Potential College Athlete Information Program (PCAIP) consists of:

  • Two days of Presentations. One presentations per HS class (Freshman, Sophomore etc.) delivered by a PCAIP Rep, one week apart, both in the Fall

  • Two days of Help Sessions. The first shortly after the initial presentation and a second in Spring of the next calendar year.

  • Access to the PCAIP Website which contains expanded information and resources on the topics covered during the PCAIP Presentations.


  • Preparing for Making a College Choice

  • Improving your Odds

  • Academic Progress

  • Preparation for College Entrance Tests (ACT SAT)

  • College Types & Athletic Levels

  • Intensifying the College Search

  • Taking Entrance Tests

  • Athletic Recruitment

  • Assessing of Your Position

  • Analyzing Your Options

  • Making a Decision


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Beveled PCAIP Logo Only.png

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