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"We contacted Tremier  through their web site just as we were bringing on our first employee. He helped guide us through all of the subtle details to ensure everything was done right. We continue to be extremely grateful for his support and expertise, and he is absolutely lovely to work with."

— Jack Beck, Executive Director

Ethical, effective, motivational, and engaging are just a few adjectives I would use to describe Tremier. We worked together for several years and I found his style of leadership and HR expertise to be relevant and sound. I trust Tremier because his approach to work and decision making is so thoughtful. He addresses issues with curiosity and asks great questions. I welcome the opportunity to work with him again.  - Margie Tlapa, Ph.D.

Tremier has excellent HR skills, and I've enjoyed all of our professional interactions. I recommend him highly. A+++  - Archie Yates, CPP

Tremier has the outstanding ability to connect with people in an genuine way at all levels of an organization. His passion for supporting the development of individuals, and providing leaders with feedback on how to improve their management skills, made him a key resource to me and the success of our team. - Amber Eckert, VP Student Services

Tremier is a caring and thoughtful person who understands that the strength of an organization is based on it’s individual contributors. He has a positive attitude and understands complex working environments.  - Joseph Allen, Ed.D.

Tremier demonstrates an ability to roll with the punches and figure out new communication and change management approaches to match the situation.  He understands how to bring multiple parts of the organization together to develop shared solutions problems - and, most importantly, he makes it work.  As a result, we progressed to a much more communicative, inclusive culture with greater effectiveness through Tremier’s efforts. - Dr. Joseph Hoey

Tremier is a true business partner. He offers quality guidance and direction at all times, and consistently provides high-impact solutions. His sense of humor is the icing on the cake! He is one of the best HR professionals I've had the pleasure of working with. - Mitch Thomas, Executive Director

I had the pleasure of working with Tremier at Ashford University. Tremier was the AVP of Diversity & Inclusion, the lead management consultant for faculty and staff engagement. Tremier and I created an opportunity to collaborate and further connect organizational strategy and culture work, building a framework from the ground up. Tremier brought his HR expertise and problem-solving experience to this long-term project, allowing myself and my team to expand our engagement knowledge and build value to institutional stakeholders. Tremier was enjoyable to work with and I am happy to say that this framework is still in practice and continues to grow each year.  - Jacquie Furtado, M.Ed.

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