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Higher Paths 

The mission of Lacuna Partners is to provide organizations committed to social betterment with first-rate solutions to help them achieve their objectives more effectively. High schools and high school districts in the United States have limited resources to provide potential college students and their parents/guardians with the detailed information, resources and guidance. Lacuna Partners understands the challenges faced by potential college student and their parents/guardians. Our Higher Paths initiatives provide high schools and their customers (students and families) with the tools they need to successfully navigate the full scope of preparation needed to enter college and/or seeking post-secondary educational opportunities. Further we understand these challenges can be exacerbated if students and their families are first-generation and/or part of an underserved demographic unfamiliar with the processes necessary to get a student into college or to obtain post-secondary learning opportunities. The Lacuna Partner's Higher Paths initiatives empower students and families with the resources they need to acquire the learning they desire beyond high school. 

The Potential College Information Program (PCAIP) is our first program designed to partner with high schools to assist their students and their families with resources needed to obtain higher education. The Potential College Athlete Information Program helps students and their families navigate the many processes and systems unique to the college athlete’s journey from high school student to college student-athlete. PCAIP empowers prospective college athletes and their parents/guardians to assume responsibility for the college search process and work proactively and cooperatively with their high school, community resources and other stakeholders. PCAIP works with high schools to provide prospective college athletes and their parents/guardians with the resources they need to successfully prepare for and enter college.

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