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Engage Us, Improve the World





Imperial Beach, CA



Who We Are

Not-for-Profit company Lacuna Partners, Inc. leverages a collective impact framework to provide NPO’s and other human service oriented businesses with education attainment assistance, shared fund development, human resources and quality improvement services either through direct engagement or by leading collaborative fund raising efforts.

Values & Guiding Principles



  • Integrity – We are of high moral principle and professional standard.

  • Positive Interaction – We always interact in ways that enrich, empower and/or meet the needs of others.

  • Customer-Driven Innovation – We meticulously and realistically analyze customer satisfaction/engagement data to continually improve our service delivery. 

  • Planning - We have robust planning processes and work from informed, well-designed plans to ensure effectiveness of our activities.

  • Inclusiveness - We are inclusive and open to diversity of all forms.



  • Know Who We Are. Be Who We Are. – Completely understand our values and guiding principles and steadfastly exemplify them in our every action.

  • Truth Rules – Honor, respect and embody honesty and truthfulness at all times. 

  • Be Open – Stay amenable to diversity - people, ideas, approaches, suggestions, etc., at all times. Leverage the assortment of insight that exists all around us.

  • Genuinely Care – Treat all individuals with whom we interact as complete people with feelings, needs and attitudes you need to positively impact through your work.

  • Take Considerate Actions – Be ever mindful of the needs, wants, and feelings of others and act accordingly. Act only after consideration and/or collaboration with those potentially impacted by your actions.  

  • Look Around, Look Ahead – Scan the environment to stay informed and use available information to anticipate what will come.

More About What We Do

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