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This is a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Potential College Athlete Program (PCAIP). Further questions can be asked using the PCAIP Forum


Is there a fee to participate in the Potential College Athlete Information Program?

No. PCAIP is free to all program participants and their family members. By committing to participate in PCAIP, HS student athletes and their families gain access to our centralized resources.


What does PCAIP hopes to accomplish?

The goal of PCAIP in to get as many student athletes into college as possible. PCAIP is designed to take the mystery out of the college search process for HS Student athletes and their families. PCAIP coordinates all of the different parties involved in the college search process into a single, coordinated program. PCAIP builds a community of School Officials, PCAIP Alumni (Students and Parents) and coaches. 

Can I continue with PCAIP if I no longer participate in high school sports?

Yes. If you start the program Freshman year prior to trying out or if you started the program while the member of a team but later discontinued in sports, you can continue in the program


How do you access the PCAIP website?

All program participants that attend a PCAIP presentation or Help Session will receive a password that gives them access to the PCAIP Website. Specifically, participants will have access to the portion of the Website that corresponds with their grade in school (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.)


Does PCAIP assist with recruitment?

No. PCAIP is not a recruitment service. PCAIP provides student athletes and their families with information so they can take charge of their own recruitment processes. PCAIP is here to provide the best information that allows students and families to make an informed choice.

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