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55 Valuable Life Lessons from the Voice of Middle Age

Some I learned. Some I learned the hard way. Some I didn’t listen to (and should have). Some I am still trying to remember and live!

  1. People are generally the same.

  2. When you feel overwhelmed, simplify your life.

  3. Your life is truly in your hands, what you make of it is on you and you alone.

  4. Kindness is the greatest gift you can give anyone.

  5. Never stop thinking your way through your life.

  6. It’s one thing to be stupid, that’ll happen, the key is not to stay stupid.

  7. There’s a line between honesty, brutal honesty and being a jerk.

  8. You are never as cool as you think you are.

  9. Friends come and go; true friends never leave.

  10. Dream big but be prepared to alter your dreams.

  11. Experience is a great teacher but the best teacher is someone, with your best interest at heart, that has experience.

  12. No one owes you anything and nothing is free.

  13. Much of life is effort, you get out of life what you put into it.

  14. The road of regret is paved with poor listening and failure to change.

  15. Save your money and invest at a young age.

  16. Credit cards are not for casual expenses, never use them unless you have a practical plan to pay off the purchase.

  17. Never think you can change anyone, instead spend your time dealing with and trying to understand who someone is and you will save yourself a lot of frustration.

  18. Love from your heart and never let a disappointment stop you from loving completely.

  19. Partner with the person you are with, not the person you want them to be (See #17).

  20. There is no such thing as partial forgiveness and practicing true forgiveness is one of the greatest skills you can learn for your mental health.

  21. Life is not about always being right.

  22. Discretion is truly the greater part of valor.

  23. There are very few important things in life. Find yours and never forget what they are and never stop maximizing the time you spend on them.

  24. There is no truth, only perception.

  25. Experience changes beliefs so what you know today may not be what you believe later.

  26. Move on, but learn and apply the lessons you learned moving forward.

  27. Living in the past gives power to something from which you should be moving on.

  28. Never mistake complacency for contentment.

  29. Pay attention to your excuses, they are the road map to your fears.

  30. A big part of maturity is learning to balance current actions with future considerations.

  31. Being a smart ass is a sign of intelligence. Restraining your tendency to be a smart ass in the wrong situation is a sign of maturity.

  32. Speed kills, slow down.

  33. Arrogance is the mask of insecurity; the most arrogant person you know is also the most insecure.

  34. Embrace discomfort. Learning to overcome/work through discomfort is a big key to growth.

  35. You never feel like ‘an adult’ no matter how old you are.

  36. Model the behavior you expect from others if you truly want their respect.

  37. Always strive to know who you are and how you can get better.

  38. Leaders are not always out front, it is possible to lead from ANYWHERE.

  39. You cannot consider yourself responsible until ‘doing what needs to be done, simply because it needs to be done’, becomes your everyday modus operandi.

  40. Everyone is motivated in different ways, don’t assume you know anyone’s reasons for doing anything.

  41. Don’t take sides in other people’s relationships (professional or personal) because you do not know the whole story - Support your friend without taking sides.

  42. Revenge is a complete waste of time, let Karma take care of that for you.

  43. If you are going to give, give freely and expect nothing in return.

  44. Everything has consequences.

  45. Life is full of second chances, unfortunately they are generally much more difficult than first chances.

  46. Life moves in one direction, forward, make sure you do the same.

  47. Never undertake any action (or inaction) designed to ‘punish’ someone else because it usually results in your own suffering and is always petty.

  48. Everyone experiences fear, it’s the ability to fight through fear that distinguishes the successful from the less successful.

  49. When you think you are a victim, look inward at your own actions first and then take action to improve your circumstance.

  50. Because it’s hard to suppress the fantastic and often delusional ‘what ifs’ of possibility, we sometimes do not appreciate or recognize the positive impact of the mistake we don’t make!

  51. The ability to listen, learn, apply lessons and give effort have a high correlation with success in everything.

  52. Know that you are writing your eulogy everyday (Lesson: Life ends and your legacy is the record of how you lived while you were here).

  53. Just like in sports, you are what your ‘record’ indicates you are…potential, excuses and intentions do not count.

  54. Happiness is where you find it.

  55. Sometimes you have to fake it. (Advice from Coach Heimann)

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