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Why Hire an HR Consultant?

It doesn’t matter if your company is a small business or a major corporation, human resources is a crucial element of your organization. Even if you have an on-site human resources department, you can still benefit from the experience and expertise of the HR consultant that is up to date with current practices and standards. Why? Keep reading for the answer.

Today’s post is just one of many informative pieces brought to you by Lacuna Partners.

Helping Your HR Personnel Thrive

Before you bring in a consultant, it’s a smart move to ensure that your current HR department has all the tools they need for their job. Technology is here to help in this arena. A few pieces of tech to add to your HR’s arsenal include project management, a calendar, and even access to online education. Together, the tools listed here can help your HR leaders meet deadlines, keep employees in the loop, and ensure everyone has the knowledge they need to succeed.

What Your HR Department Can Learn

Now that your human resources department is equipped with the tools they need, it’s time to help them gain the knowledge. A few ways that Lacuna Partners can help include:

  • Employee training. Your HR consultant can help you identify areas where employees need additional guidance. They might recommend employee training, for example, which TalentLMS explains can lead to more confident employees that are more satisfied with their jobs.

  • Recruiting and staffing. Do you find it difficult to hire and retain A-level employees? If so, your human resources consultant can help. Keep in mind that it should take no longer than four weeks from the time you post an opening until your important positions are filled. Furthermore, your HR consultant can assist you and your human resources team in completing exit interviews and performing performance assessments.

  • Audit of employee handbook and HR files. If your employee handbook hasn’t been updated since your initial launch, it’s time to revise your policies and procedures. This is especially important if your handbook doesn’t address things like internet usage at the workplace or acceptable social media behavior by high-level employees. You must be careful in how this information is worded, as there are many types of social media posts that cannot result in disciplinary action. At the very least, your written documentation should be updated once each year.

  • Employee incentives. Ideally, you are already paying your employees a fair (or better) wage. But, you can get more out of your staff by incentivizing. This doesn’t mean that you have to give them a cash bonus each year, and there are plenty of ways to show appreciation that doesn’t involve writing a check. Offering professional development, allowing time off for mental health, or simply empowering them to choose the projects they’d like to work on are just a few of the incentives your HR consultant might recommend.

  • Salary analysis. Although money isn’t everything, it’s certainly important. Your human resources consultant can also work with your team to confirm that you are paying your employees a competitive wage. According to professional women’s blog Fairygodboss, a competitive pay package includes a fitness program, health, dental, and vision insurance, and a retirement plan. For you, paying your employees well will result in higher retention rates and better morale.

Sometimes, it pays to bring in a helping hand, even when you have experienced human resources personnel on the payroll. A human resources consultant may be more up-to-date with current practices, and they might see areas that your current staff needs to focus more energy. It is an added expense that will pay for itself in happier employees and greater productivity.

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